Project Foodie


Say hello to the future of cooking—an app that teaches you to chop, broil, and bake through real-time, chef-guided videos.

Unlike other cooking apps on the market, this one allows the user to cook alongside the chef without ever hitting pause. Every detail of this highly-functional and thoughtful app is designed to further understanding, build confidence, and celebrate food in a fun, effortless, and rewarding way. Project Foodie was created with the passion and personalities of its founders infused into every aspect. With that in mind, LMNOP brought some of that playful side into the brand identity. With a hand drawn illustration style and lively typography that departs from its fellow cooking app competitors, every UI touchpoint and curated video reinforces the ethos behind the brand. And it's these personal touches that keep users engaged and coming back again and again.


  • Art Direction
  • Brand Narrative
  • Identity Systems
  • Photography
  • Web Design